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Go to Corridor. Enter L. Select when crosshairs are over lock N. Pull on shoelace. Walk down.

Solution Q1. Go to Winter garden. Go to Living room. Take clue V.

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Move all items Z2. Solution: - - - - - - - Take DIME. Return to Living room. Go forward twice. Try to go forward. Go forward K and then walk down. Walk down and go forward. I have to go back! Solution F. Select skull G. Select branch H. Stop ball twice in center of target I.

Select hook J and winch K. Take Map M. Try to go forward S.

Ocean Realm

Place ladder T. Try to go up U. Play puzzle. Solution: Select pump twice. Walk down twice. Go forward. Solution: Ax3-Bx2-Dx3-E. Solution L.

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Select arrow O. Open mouth; select book Q. Solution one R. Solution two S. Go to Warrens. Touch door. Go to Abandoned playground. Go to Stone stairway.

How to make a secret door / bookcase

Open toolbox D. Select - - Go to Overgrown treehouse. Solution P. Return to Dark glade. Go to School gate. Chapter 3: Twisted Yard Talk Q. Select post S. Open door. Solution W.

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Solution R. Open drawer; extinguish candle I. Move item; play puzzle J. Advanced Search Links.

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